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  As a builder of 20 years and one who often works alone a lot of the time, this idea was born out of a need and frustration. No one had come up with a tool to help in the process of installing metal joist hangers. Nothing was in the stores or online at the time 10 years ago. There is still nothing at the DIY stores or your local lumber yards.

I along with many other carpenters either put hangers on afterward or I would use a piece of scrap lumber as a guide to put the hangers on. I would have to do that before we built the deck or set the trusses. That process is cumbersome and difficult to accomplish.

So I thought- if I’m using a scrap piece of lumber as a jig to place the hanger, why not make a jig that will hold the hanger and line it up for me as well. Then I can use it over and over, and just store it in my tool box.

  After many prototypes and getting a patent, we came up with this great tool called Hang-em-Fast.  A lite weight durable plastic, it is able to be used in any type of weather. It won’t bend, rust, and there are no moving parts to lose. Hang-em-Fast works with all common 2X lumber i.e 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12.

  A great benefit of this tool is that it works not only for placing hangers for decks but it also works for hangers on trusses where applicable.

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