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Hang Em Fast

Joist Hanger Installation Jig - Lightweight Durable Ergonomic - Fast & Easy - Deck, Floor System, Small Truss - for Dimensional Lumber Sizes 2x4 2x6 2x8 2x10 2x12

24-1722-Joist-Tool-1 (2)_edited.png
metal joist hangar


Allows you to keep hands and fingers out of the way. No recoil vibrations when holding metal joist hanger by hand.

metal joist hangar


No trying to hold and line up Perfect every time. Metal joist hanger does not become warped or corroded.

metal joist hangar


Lines hanger up correctly in postion-up, down and plum. Hanger is not too loose or tight to receive joist or truss

metal joist hangar


Installing hangers first speeds up construction process. Using Hang Em Fast jig accelerates install rather than trying to hold and eyeball placement then fasten.

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