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Rim Brace

Why do you need this product?


Reason: Installing Rim Boards can be difficult and aggravating.

They are long, heavy, and cumbersome when placed on top of a wall or sill plate. Often, they tip over easily and one end or the other wants to fall off. Also, nailing it flush with your outside framing can be difficult. The rim board needs to be straight, as this is your outside edge for your exterior wall placement.


With Hang Em Fast Rim Braces, installing rim boards on top of your wall or sill plates has never been so easy. They attach with just a couple of eight penny nails or screws.

Connect your Rim Brace to your top wall/sill plate material about every three feet using odd numbers for Rim Brace placement, e.g., 1’, 3’, 5’, 7’, 9’, etc. This will allow for 2 ft. on center lateral bracing between floor joists, as well as lining up with floor sheathing.


Keep braces out of way for load point blocking placed for load transfers from above.

The Hang Em Fast brace has a built-in guide, no need for pulling a tape or chalking a line to correctly place your Rim Braces on top of plate material. The Rim Brace will work with rim board thicknesses of 1 1/2”,  1 1/4”, 1 1/8”, and 1”.

Hang Em Fast Rim Braces will ensure your rim board is placed precisely where it needs to be every time. It will keep your rim board upright, allowing you to nail against something without the rim board moving in or out on you. Kind of like being a third hand.

How to:

Locate the Rim Brace edge dimension that matches the rim board thickness that you are using. Line up corresponding Rim Brace guide dimension with the inside edge of the top plate framing.

SPECIAL NOTE: works with 9” to 14” height rim boards.

We sell Hang Em Fast Rim Braces for 2 x 6 and 2 x 4 sill plate and walls.

Added Feature: The Rim Brace also accommodates a slot to accept a 2 x 4 for drywall nailers in your ceilings. No need to put the drywall nailers along the rim boards before the floor system is installed. Now you get 2 uses out of your Hang Em Fast Rim Brace.



         4 units     $30.00    ($7.50 ea.)

       16 units   $110.40    ($6.90 ea.)

       24 units   $158.40    ($6.60 ea.)

       36 units   $206.72    ($6.46 ea.)

       48 units   $303.84    ($6.33 ea.)

         4 units     $25.00    ($6.25 ea.)

       16 units     $87.84    ($5.49 ea.)

       24 units   $126.96    ($5.29 ea.)

       32 units   $166.08    ($5.19 ea.)

       48 units   $239.52    ($4.99 ea.)


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